Wolverine Revolution 100000ND Filter with Magnetic Adapter Ring 112MM

Wolverine Revolution 100000ND Filter with Magnetic Adapter Ring 112MM

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The 112mm Wolverine Revolution 100000ND Filter with Magnetic Adapter Ring from Kase is an ultra-dark solid neutral density filter that reduces the exposure of the entire image area by 16.5 stops. Increasing neutral density offers finer control in available shutter speeds or aperture settings for both still and video applications. Using a longer shutter speed makes it possible to increase blur to convey a sense of movement, or to dial in a video camera frame rate. Increased density also makes it possible to shoot using wider lens apertures, helping to isolate a subject from the background and increasing bokeh. This filter is made of optical glass and features a combination of 16-layer multicoating for reduced glare, plus resistance coating that resists abrasions, dust, oil, and fingerprints for easy cleaning. It features an orange filter ring for easy identification.

The included magnetic adapter ring lets the filter be attached or removed in just seconds and allows up to four Kase Wolverine magnetic filters to be stacked. The magnetic ring accepts standard 112mm lens caps, so it can be left on the lens.

This filter is designed specifically for photography applications. This filter is not suitable for direct solar viewing with the naked eye, including with optical viewfinders.

Key Features
  • Designed for Solar Photography
  • Ultra Dark 5.0 Filter Factor, +16.5 Stop
  • Darkens Entire Image Area
  • Includes 95mm Magnetic Adapter Ring
  • Optical Glass with 16 Layer Multicoating
  • Water, Oil, Dust, and Scratch-Resistant
  • Slim Design Prevents Vignetting
  • Accepts Standard 112mm Lens Caps
  • No Color Cast
  • Includes Plastic Storage Case