Canada's Pro Partner Team

Jim Brompton, MPF

Canadian Brand Ambassador for Kase Filters 

Jim Brompton MPF Master Photographer in Fine Art

Jim Brompton has had over 40 years of experience as a professional and award-winning nature photographer. He has owned a photography business since 1978. 

Jim has work that is sold by National Geographic Creative. Over the years, feature articles about his photography and his travels have appeared in many magazines, including:.

Outdoor Photography Canada,
Photo Life,
Nature Canada,
Outdoor Canada,
Canadian Sportsman,
B.C. Outdoors.

Jim holds the number one spot on Google under searches for Canadian landscape photography or Canadian landscape photographer.

With a passion for his work, his photographs are often described as extraordinary and stunning. In May of 2018 Jim received the prestigious Master Fine Art designation from Master Photographers International. He is among less than seventy photographers in the world with this title. In 2018, his work was nominated for Nature Photographer of the Year with Master Photographers International. Jim is considered an international artist; he travels the world to capture his images, and he is regarded by many professionals as a world class photographer.

Jim's work is featured in many galleries in Canada that display and sell fine photographic art. He is known as a master for his understanding of light and for displaying incredible depth and detail in his images. Jim can be reached at 778-549-9959 or or on the contact link on this website.



Michèle Thompson 


Kase Canada’s Pro Partner , Michèle Thompson  is a Canadian land and cityscape  photographer who was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia but has now made Toronto Ontario her home.   


Michele started photography a few years ago initially as a way to help with her depression and anxiety as it  has been a perfect way to practice mindfulness  a mental state achieved by focusing on one's awareness of the present moment .  However it quickly developed into a passion for capturing the  little details of nature and cityscapes that she sees in her daily life whether at home or when travelling in Canada and the USA.  


Using her macro to  wide angles lens   Michèle’s photography provides a unique perspective to the beauty she’s sees around her.  On her Instagram and in her photo books she frequently likes to pair her images with select words to evoke an emotion  or memory.  However many times her images need no words as they simply speak for themselves. 


Michèle is a published photographer who shares her images on her website Magpie’n’Moo Photography  ( a blend of the two nicknames given by her family ). Most recently she has started a blog:  Photography Made Simple where she shares photography tips she has learned over the years with the purpose of providing basic,  simply explained  practical guidance for the beginner photographer. 


“ Mental  disorders affect one in four people, and having been living with one, it is a topic near and my heart. I made a decision to donate a portion of the proceeds from any of my work  to The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), both of whom provide services and supports to people who are experiencing mental illness.   Many thanks in advance ! Cheers, Michèle “

Chris Collacott

CHRIS COLLACOTT Vancouver, Canada


Chris loves traveling. And the outdoors. Always has. People recognize Chris worldwide for his ultra-high resolution, panoramic prints of nature & cityscapes. He takes up to 500 shots of a single scene. People are ‘wowed’ by the details & clarity. No matter how big the piece or how close up they get. His work is on display in every continent (except Antarctica). Including the Arizona state capitol building. They looked for the right center piece for over 40 years. After seeing Chris’s Grand Canyon mural—their search was over.

A bit more…

Master Panoramic Landscape Photographer focused on nature & cityscapes. Featured in homes, offices, state capitols, airports, buses, billboards, walls, elevators, in-or-outdoors. Invited to United Arab Emirates to host international photo festival. Takes multi-week hikes to remote areas to bring astonishing clarity to homes & businesses. Served as judge for renowned Epson International Panoramic Awards. Teacher of advanced photographic workshops—worldwide. 75+ international, photography awards including… Fine Art Photographer Of The Year, Master Photographers International, 2016


Stanley Aryanto


Hey, I am Stanley

An Explorer, An Artist and An Educator

Since I left my career, my mission has been to capture and share the world's unseen perspectives, also to empower, inspire and help others pursue their passion and capture their dream shot.

For this reason, I offer FREE guides, Masterclasses & Mentorship

Crossing Morocco’s Sahara desert by camel, hot air ballooning across the captivating fairy chimneys of Turkey’s Cappadocia, sailing through Indonesia’s thousands of islands, exploring more than 40,000 kilometres across Australia in a 4WD and chasing the stars in Canada’s extreme sub-zero temperatures.

Travelling is the vehicle by which we can all experience what it is to live multiple lives within the one we are given.

My passion is to seek out the experiences beyond those which are given to each of us and bring them to you. I seek these out in every corner of the world, near and far, accessible or otherwise.

A short 2.5 years ago I left my career as an engineer to pursue my love for travel and my passion for photography and education.

Since then I was able to get published in publications like Canadian Geographic, TedEd and more. Have been exhibited in countries like Australia and the United States and won more than 100+ awards.

I am a pro-partner of KASE filters and I've collaborated with brands like Canon Australia, Brides of Asia, and more. Best of all I've been to 29 countries to experienced, captured and shared once in a lifetime moments around the globe.

You can follow my adventures on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @TheWickedHunt - Don't forget to say Hi!



Sharon Tenenbaum




Sharon Tenenbaum defines herself as an artist working within the medium of photography.  The artistic process is paramount in every creation she completes. 

 She always aspires to ‘show reality in a different way’, creating images rather than capturing them. Sharon is constantly challenging herself: whether experimenting with bicycle parts to create composite cityscapes or painting selective overlays onto her images. She is committed to the artistic process of growth and change in the continuous pursuit for novelty. 

Sharon was educated as a Civil Engineer.   Her love for structures is reflected in a vast body of works that celebrate more than mere architecture, but rather, the Art in Architecture.

As an artist, Sharon has won numerous international photography awards, has been published in esteemed magazines such as National Geographic. As an educator, Sharon has taught group workshops from New York to Melbourne, as well as online.  She has a variety of video tutorials and ebooks and is the founder of Talk-&-Learn, a free one-hour weekly zoom session for image critique and creation.



Alan Pinn

Alan Pinn began taking photos when he was just 16 years old and has been shooting his entire adult life. He studied photography at the Ontario College of Art & Design, where he also studied illustration and graphic design. While running a successful and award-winning graphic design business in Ontario, he continued to pursue his love of photography by offering photo services to many of his clients. His photography has been widely used in a variety of marketing material across Canada including print material, trade show displays, packaging, and websites. Alan also ran a successful wedding photography business for 12 years.

Alan made the move to Nova Scotia about 3 years ago, looking for a life-style change. He is now semi-retired from his graphic design business, but still continues to provide graphic design and photography services to some long-standing clients. His life-long enthusiasm for the outdoors and adventure has been rekindled in this new surrounding and has renewed his passion for landscape photography. He’s always felt a very strong connection to the ocean, rugged coastlines, and dramatic landscapes - and Nova Scotia delivers that in style!

He is fascinated by the endless variety of light, compositions, and the environment of this region. Crashing waves, gorgeous sunsets, exciting waterfalls, and coastal vistas all continue to fuel his passion for landscape photography.

Alan has always been a dedicated Nikon shooter and is now excited to be part of the Kase Filters Pro Partner Team in Canada.

You can follow Alan on Instagram (@alan.pinn) and visit his website at

Brett Michaud

Brett Michaud’s love of photography started at a young age. While leafing through the pages of magazines like National Geographic, his dreams of capturing images of exotic locales and beautiful landscapes took hold. As an adult, he’s spent the past twenty years as a teacher in the public education system. It is now that his passion for photography and career as an educator merge as he finds himself shifting towards a full time career as an educator of photography.


A lifelong learner, Brett has spent countless hours in the field while absorbing all he can on the subject of photography through books, workshops, YouTube and conferences. This hard work and dedication has paid dividends with his landscape images receiving recognition from fine art photographers and lovers of photography from around the world, along with being featured in magazines and, now, being selected to be a Kase Pro Partner. As a result of this success, Brett is able to offer a variety of courses and workshops aimed at helping others who have a deep seated passion for photography but have yet to realize their potential. Now, with the support of Kase Filters Canada, Brett adds a powerful partner in creating world class education and workshop opportunities.  We invite you to visit Brett’s website at for more information on upcoming learning opportunities.







Chris Gibbs developed a strong interest in technology, film, video, and photography from an early age. He has been actively involved in video operations and production for the last 30+ years and photography for the last decade.


 In 2019, after spending over 25+ years in the television broadcast industry, Chris decided to leave the corporate world and pursue his passion for photography and videography.  He established a media company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, along with his wife, Jennifer. Their company specializes in videography, photography, aerial drone visuals, video/photo editing, and voice over content.



 Chris established 'Footprints in Nature' as his signature creative brand, 'A Visual Gateway to the Natural World'. His collection of stunning scenic visuals, captivating wildlife videos, and exquisite photographic artwork reflect his love of nature. The name 'Footprints in Nature' represents Chris' profound respect for the environment and the importance of preserving it. Chris's growing collection is a visual representation of his ongoing experiences in nature, while also serving as a reminder of the preciousness of our natural world.



 Chris co-hosts 'The Nature Photo Guys', a YouTube channel and podcast dedicated to exploring all aspects of nature photography and video, ranging from gear to philosophies and everything in between. The show aims to support, educate, and engage with nature photographers across the globe.



 Chris offers one-on-one personalized nature video sessions, to assist individuals of all skill levels, with enhancing their video production skills in the field and create engaging visual content. These tailored sessions deliver valuable insights for those interested in capturing the natural world's beauty in their videos.











For nearly three decades, Joe has been immersed in the world of photography. He began his career as a studio photographer in Northern Ontario, Canada. Growing up in this remote area afforded him the opportunity to learn his craft while exploring the outdoors, making nature photography a perfect fit.


Today, Joe works as a professional photographer out of Calgary, Alberta, focusing on wildlife and landscape photography. He loves to share his knowledge and enthusiasm of photography with others through teaching, workshops and speaking engagements.


“There is nothing more rewarding than when a fellow photographer (student) comes away with an image they are proud of”.


Joe is an award-winning and nationally published photographer who has earned multiple national accreditations in a variety of disciplines including equine, landscape, nature, wildlife and more. Joe has also garnered the designation of Master Photographer (MPN) in Nature Photography with MPI, Master Photographers International.







Michael Winsor


Michael is an award-winning professional photographer who has been photographing his home province of Newfoundland & Labrador for years and has captured its majestic beauty like no other.

Michael’s work has been published and sold worldwide and is on exhibit in national museums.   He enjoys showcasing Newfoundland wildlife, 10,000-year-old icebergs and the scenic landscapes through his published work.

One of Michael’s award-winning images was selected to represent Newfoundland & Labrador on an international postage stamp. Michael values the recognition of his artwork, but his passion remains the wonder of exploring his home province.

As a leading landscape photographer who knows Newfoundland well, Michael is well situated to showcase the province to tourists with Newfoundland Photo Tours.





 Éric Thibault


Photography is and has always been a part of my life.  Creating images and storytelling through my photography in a unique approach is a lifelong passion. 


For most of my career, sports photography, specifically motorsports, has been a big part of my work.  I have had the chance to collaborate and cover events such as Formula One, NASCAR, Indycar, Canadian Superbike, IMSA and various support series. 


After all those years, I felt like I was losing my creative freedom, so a much needed change was necessary.  Nature photography has always been a wonderful outlet to express my creativity and so in 2020, I decided to fully commit to it.  To rediscover my photography and my love for it with a major makeover.  To discover and explore new places, to find a sense of peace and calmness and to share my vision of the beauty of nature.  Woodland, nature, landscapes, long exposure are all part of my photography now.  This has also given me a deep appreciation for the world around me, how fragile it is and how we all fit into this.  An opportunity to put my own personal touch and to help raise awareness to nature but more importantly, its value!


Speaker and instructor, I have the unique privilege of sharing my passion for close to 20 years with people who are just as passionate as I am through 1 on 1 sessions, group workshops and conferences.  Fully bilingual, I really appreciate the chance to reach a bigger audience and to share our passions together.  My desire to teach, both inspiring and stimulating, makes these moments incredibly rewarding.  Living in the Montreal, Québec area, I am always exploring new techniques to progress in my photography, and nothing gives me more joy than to hit the road with my backpack and head out for new adventures.


You can come have a look at, on Facebook and Instagram @images.ericthibault.


Let’s talk photography !!



Daniel Tremblay



- Winter is my Kingdom!

 Photography, a passion that began a long time ago. I first started at the film age back in the 80s with a camera that was given to me by my father. Photography wasnt my first career choice though. I studied to be a car mechanic and was a car mechanic for over 15 years. My father and I had our own business, a family business that was built on honesty and trust. Of the many qualities required to be a good mechanic, sense of observation is of the most importance. And I happened to be an amazing mechanic with an outstanding sense of observation!


Sometimes, life gives us a lesson…and that is exactly what happened to me when my father, very good friend and business partner died from an aggressive cancer just a few weeks before retirement. Since my job as a mechanic was starting to be less than ideal for my health, I realized that a change was needed. Life wasnt supposed to be all about working every day, 52 weeks a year to get a paycheck and die before retirement. I decided that this wasnt going to be the case for me, I chose to do something I was always passionate about and always loved; photography.


I decided to take my sense of observation to a different level and made the decision to go back to school to study photography. In 2003, I graduated with exceptional photography skills which took me into my second career. I am now working as a full-

time professional photographer and retoucher in Montreal and every opportunity I get, I am hiking and enjoying nature in the quest for creating my favorite genre of photography: Landscape Photography. I also teach Photography, Photoshop, leading Landscape Photography Workshops and selling Limited Edition Fine Art Prints. Since then, many of my images have been recognized and awarded in local, national and international photography contests such as The Epson Pano Awards, PDN Photo Annual, International Landscape Photographer of the Year Award, Spider Black and White Awards…only to name a few.


Now I am doing the job that I love. It doesnt feel like I am « working » anymore but instead living my passion on a daily basis in the quest to show and inspire the True Beauty of Light and Shadows through my images.


You can find my inspiring approach to Landscape Photography on my website or any of the most popular social media platforms known to us all today! Hopefully I can inspire you too!