Canada's Pro Partner Team

Jim Brompton, MPF

Canadian Brand Ambassador for Kase Filters 

Jim Brompton MPF Master Photographer in Fine Art

Jim Brompton has had over 40 years of experience as a professional and award-winning nature photographer. He has owned a photography business since 1978. 

Jim has work that is sold by National Geographic Creative. Over the years, feature articles about his photography and his travels have appeared in many magazines, including:.

Outdoor Photography Canada,
Photo Life,
Nature Canada,
Outdoor Canada,
Canadian Sportsman,
B.C. Outdoors.

Jim holds the number one spot on Google under searches for Canadian landscape photography or Canadian landscape photographer.

With a passion for his work, his photographs are often described as extraordinary and stunning. In May of 2018 Jim received the prestigious Master Fine Art designation from Master Photographers International. He is among less than seventy photographers in the world with this title. In 2018, his work was nominated for Nature Photographer of the Year with Master Photographers International. Jim is considered an international artist; he travels the world to capture his images, and he is regarded by many professionals as a world class photographer.

Jim's work is featured in many galleries in Canada that display and sell fine photographic art. He is known as a master for his understanding of light and for displaying incredible depth and detail in his images. Jim can be reached at or on the contact link on this website.



Michèle Thompson 


Kase Canada’s Pro Partner , Michèle Thompson  is a Canadian land and cityscape  photographer who was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia but has now made Toronto Ontario her home.   


Michele started photography a few years ago initially as a way to help with her depression and anxiety as it  has been a perfect way to practice mindfulness  a mental state achieved by focusing on one's awareness of the present moment .  However it quickly developed into a passion for capturing the  little details of nature and cityscapes that she sees in her daily life whether at home or when travelling in Canada and the USA.  


Using her macro to  wide angles lens   Michèle’s photography provides a unique perspective to the beauty she’s sees around her.  On her Instagram and in her photo books she frequently likes to pair her images with select words to evoke an emotion  or memory.  However many times her images need no words as they simply speak for themselves. 


Michèle is a published photographer who shares her images on her website Magpie’n’Moo Photography  ( a blend of the two nicknames given by her family ). Most recently she has started a blog:  Photography Made Simple where she shares photography tips she has learned over the years with the purpose of providing basic,  simply explained  practical guidance for the beginner photographer. 


“ Mental  disorders affect one in four people, and having been living with one, it is a topic near and my heart. I made a decision to donate a portion of the proceeds from any of my work  to The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), both of whom provide services and supports to people who are experiencing mental illness.   Many thanks in advance ! Cheers, Michèle “

Chris Collacott

CHRIS COLLACOTT Vancouver, Canada


Chris loves traveling. And the outdoors. Always has. People recognize Chris worldwide for his ultra-high resolution, panoramic prints of nature & cityscapes. He takes up to 500 shots of a single scene. People are ‘wowed’ by the details & clarity. No matter how big the piece or how close up they get. His work is on display in every continent (except Antarctica). Including the Arizona state capitol building. They looked for the right center piece for over 40 years. After seeing Chris’s Grand Canyon mural—their search was over.

A bit more…

Master Panoramic Landscape Photographer focused on nature & cityscapes. Featured in homes, offices, state capitols, airports, buses, billboards, walls, elevators, in-or-outdoors. Invited to United Arab Emirates to host international photo festival. Takes multi-week hikes to remote areas to bring astonishing clarity to homes & businesses. Served as judge for renowned Epson International Panoramic Awards. Teacher of advanced photographic workshops—worldwide. 75+ international, photography awards including… Fine Art Photographer Of The Year, Master Photographers International, 2016


Stanley Aryanto


Hey, I am Stanley

An Explorer, An Artist and An Educator

Since I left my career, my mission has been to capture and share the world's unseen perspectives, also to empower, inspire and help others pursue their passion and capture their dream shot.

For this reason, I offer FREE guides, Masterclasses & Mentorship

Crossing Morocco’s Sahara desert by camel, hot air ballooning across the captivating fairy chimneys of Turkey’s Cappadocia, sailing through Indonesia’s thousands of islands, exploring more than 40,000 kilometres across Australia in a 4WD and chasing the stars in Canada’s extreme sub-zero temperatures.

Travelling is the vehicle by which we can all experience what it is to live multiple lives within the one we are given.

My passion is to seek out the experiences beyond those which are given to each of us and bring them to you. I seek these out in every corner of the world, near and far, accessible or otherwise.

A short 2.5 years ago I left my career as an engineer to pursue my love for travel and my passion for photography and education.

Since then I was able to get published in publications like Canadian Geographic, TedEd and more. Have been exhibited in countries like Australia and the United States and won more than 100+ awards.

I am a pro-partner of KASE filters and I've collaborated with brands like Canon Australia, Brides of Asia, and more. Best of all I've been to 29 countries to experienced, captured and shared once in a lifetime moments around the globe.

You can follow my adventures on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @TheWickedHunt - Don't forget to say Hi!