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Brand new

K9 Filter Kits

With minimal color cast, you will be able to capture the true color of nature. The high quality optical glass delivers incredible sharpness. All Wolverine Series filters are scratch resistant, waterproof, anti-glare, and easy to clean.

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Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filter Entry Level ND KitKase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filter Master KitKase Wolverine Magnetic Circular FIlter Master Kit lllKase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filter Professional KitKase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filter Professional ND Kit

Incredibly Simple to Use

Magnetic Circular Filter Kits

Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filters have outstanding image quality and a very rugged, durable design. The magnetic application makes it easier to attach filters on the fly much more quickly, meaning that you’re more likely to use them

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K9 Filter System

Easy To Use

Easy to attach and swap filters. Use both circular filters and square filters simultaneously.

Canada's Brand Ambassador

Jim Brompton

The Pro Partner Team

Canada's Pro Partner Team

Michèle Thompson

Michèle is a published photographer who shares her images on her website Magpie’n’Moo Photography  ( a blend of the two nicknames given by her family ). Most recently she has started a blog:  Photography Made Simple where she shares photography tips she has learned over the years with the purpose of providing basic,  simply explained  practical guidance for the beginner photographer. 

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Chris Collacott

Chris Collacott, is an international award-winning photographer who is known for his stunning natural landscape, architecture, and cityscape photography. He focuses on creating ultra-high resolution, large-scale panoramic images.

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Stanley Aryanto

A short 2.5 years ago I left my career as an engineer to pursue my love for travel and my passion for photography and education.

Since then I was able to get published in publications like Canadian Geographic, TedEd and more. Have been exhibited in countries like Australia and the United States and won more than 100+ awards.

I am a pro-partner of KASE filters and I've collaborated with brands like Canon Australia, Brides of Asia, and more. Best of all I've been to 29 countries to experienced, captured and shared once in a lifetime moments around the globe.

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Sharon Tenenbaum

Sharon Tenenbaum defines herself as an artist working within the medium of photography.  The artistic process is paramount in every creation she completes. 

 She always aspires to ‘show reality in a different way’, creating images rather than capturing them. Sharon is constantly challenging herself: whether experimenting with bicycle parts  to create composite cityscapes or painting selective overlays onto  her images. She is committed to the artistic process of growth and change in the continuous pursuit for novelty. 

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