MovieMate Magnetic Matte Box

Kase Magnetic Matte Box Series and Cinema Filters

The Kase Magnetic Matte Box System coming soon.

The Kase Matte Box is a magnetic system with easy and fast installation with the use of a magnetic holder, circular filters and cinema filters. With a module design, each part is detachable to give you the flexibility to create whatever combination you need.

Using 95mm circular filters and adapters to use on smaller lens threads. The 95mm circular filters work with a slot-in magnetic design for quick installation, stackable and can be used on their own or with the Matte Box holder. 

This includes the Matte Box Polariser or the Variable ND filters, available in 1.5-5 or 6-9 variations. 

Kase Matte Box only weighs 142g and each Kase Slim 4×5.65” Cine Filter weighs 67g.