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Kase Black Mist Overview

The 82mm Black Mist Magnetic Filter 1/4 & Magnetic Adapter from Kase includes a 82mm magnetic adapter and a 82mm black mist 1/4 soft focus filter. The magnetic adapter screws onto a lens, and the mist filter attaches to it magnetically. The magnetic adapter can be kept on the lens to quickly and easily swap in other filters, and it also accepts 82mm lens caps.

Mist filters create a pastel effect. It reduces highlights and lowers overall contrast. It features shockproof tempered optical glass with a hardened, easy to clean top coating that protects it from water, oil, dust, fingerprints, and scratches. A plastic storage case is included.

Adapter accepts 82mm lens cap and can be left on your lens.
Creates pleasing pastel effect while reducing highlights and lowering overall contrast.
Stack up to four Kase Wolverine filters super fast.
Extremely durable and virtually unbreakable shockproof tempered optical glass.

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